We are honored that you are considering the special ways you can help us grow!

New Three University will need hundreds to be involved in helping spirit's vision become fully manifest.

Do you want to help, but not quite sure how? We'll help to match you with the best fit for helping out.

What do you get by helping? You are accelerating the growth of New Three University, so it can fulfill its mission of touching people's lives worldwide and growing into an accredited institution with a physical location that integrates spiritual empowerment into traditional disciplines. Graduates of the University will have the spiritual foundation and traditional degree. This combination sets this University aside from anything established previously and leads as an example to follow as we ignite world peace in the coming generations.

You are contributing to this vision. You are a University Ambassador who is igniting world peace. If this is exciting to think about, then you are a great match for our New Three Ambassador program which includes volunteers, affiliates, referral partners and contributors who give their time and energy because their heart and soul believes the purpose of the University is to be part of their purpose!




It is recommended that you get to know the trainings that you want to be an ambassador for and help grow, so be sure to take a look at our program training pages to see what is so special about them. There are unique qualities to them unlike anything in the world!

Here are just a few words for each training:

  • Voice Channeling training uses a one-of-a-kind 12-step technique and students learn to facilitate the technique on themselves as well as other people so they can share the voice channeling experience with clients or loved ones outside of the program.

  • Five Accomplishments Coaching training uses a 5-step involved process enabling students to coach themselves and others through anything. With each individual and group coaching session, they will take a significant step forward through the most uncomfortable resistance and blocks into soul-based living and their life purpose.

  • Psychic Retrieval training develops the student into a strong intuitive and facilitator of intuition for clients and loved ones outside of the program. The empowering intuitive technique allows anyone to access the infinite knowledge about any life situation past, present or future.

These three trainings combined are the greatest tool to help your community. As an ambassador you will be serving others to align with their soul's gifts through participating in the certification trainings. You will be hearing big "Thank You's" from everyone you encourage to take the university trainings, and you will be grateful for how these courses bring a new sense of joy and love to their hearts.

There are seven dimensions of being a New Three University Ambassador. We provide everything you need to help share our resources. Click the underlined word to learn more about the Ambassador experience!

1. Word of Mouth: sharing about the university and trainings
2. Posting Online: inviting friends to our Facebook events and sharing image posts
3. Emailing Your List: copying our prewritten emails and scheduling them to send out to your email list
4. Affiliate Marketing: utilizing our marketing opportunities, with a structured arrangement where you receive a percentage of all signups from your time
5. Flyer the Town: request a specialized flyer for your area
6. Intern: assist us with your time and skills
7. Contribute: funding a project that will move the University mission forward into its next growth phase touching more people's lives




Thank you for your interest in promoting the next trainings!

We provide ALL the materials you need to help you spread the word.

Our support to you includes:

  • Talking Points and an optional Phone Script
  • Social Media image posts
  • Facebook Events
  • Email Text, HTML and images



Host a Training


Gather 15+ paying students and you can Host a Training! This means, New Three University comes to you!

We have had successful hosts in California, Sydney and Melbourne Australia. What creates a successful host is someone who:

  • Is already connected to their local, spiritual community, and is likely a spiritual teacher of some kind
  • Has a phone and email database of students to personally invite to the training
  • Is comfortable picking up the phone to explain our training and how it can benefit that person
  • Can encourage people to take action despite the common discomforts people have of money, time and planning ahead

If all of the points above sound like you, it's likely you would make a fantastic Local Area Host! Thank you so much for your interest.

We provide you with any marketing materials you need to promote, as well as personalized support and full explanation of our programs and the benefits.

Don't meet the above criteria?

If you are interested in our program coming to your area but don't believe you meet the above criteria, please introduce this opportunity to someone in your community that does to see if they would like to be a local host!

How we get started together:

  • Email us with your interest, location and how you meet each of the 4 points above.
  • We’ll email back and set a time to speak with you.
  • In our conversation if it sounds like a fit, we’ll set a minimum number of students, workshop date and registration minimum sign-up date for two-three months before the workshop date. This means that if you are not able to secure our minimum number of students, the workshop is canceled and all monies are returned to students. The two-three-month mark is when we would need to book our travel expenditures for your location, which is why we must secure a minimum amount of students in advance.

As a Local Area Host you receive 10% commission on every ticket sold and free workshop attendance.

Contact Us

help us grow sydney class new three university voice channeling

Thank you to Chris Meredith, our local host in Sydney, Australia May 2015




An intern is a volunteer who contributes their time and skills to New Three University. This is an unpaid internship for adults age 18+.

The following are tasks we need ongoing assistance with:

  • Promotion of New Thee University
  • Dictate Recordings - listening and computer typing
  • Pre-Programming Social Media Posts - proficient computer skills
  • Edit Videos - previous professional video editing experience and your own software
  • Create Social Media Image Posts with Photoshop - previous professional design experience and your own Photoshop software
  • Photography - local to our events to shoot and post photos with your own camera
  • Local Event Coordination - assisting us at in-person events with set-up and check-in
  • Media Outreach - contacting media outlets by email and phone; previous professional public relations experience is ideal
  • Webpage and Newsletter set-up - previous experience using HTML and proficient computer skills
  • Accounting - previous professional experience logging itemized expenses in excel
  • Book Editing - previous professional experience in grammar and punctuation editing where English is your first language
  • Book Translation - translating our books in English to the language of your expertise
  • Telesummit Admin - friendly and professional email correspondence and keeping track of about thirty people

Whether you see tasks above that you feel confident with or do not see anything that would be a fit for you but you want to assist us in some way, please contact us.

When contacting us please fill in all of your information and in the subject line write "Intern" and in the Message section write:

  • Any of the tasks we've indicated that you feel confident in
  • Skills you could offer
  • The amount of time you have to give, be it a certain number of hours a week, month or within a particular period of time


Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!


Contact Us



help us grow mediaimage new three university jason nelson

Thank you so much for your interest to interview the Co-founders behind New Three University!

You may interview Jason or Melissa, or both.

Together. . . Founders Jason and Melissa are personal and professional partners

Spirit is the Boss! They follow the guidance of spirit with everything they do - writing, traveling, tasks - the majority of their life is led by spirit guiding.

Traveling Full Time. With no home base, they travel full time with a few suitcases.

In 2015 alone they traveled to: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, Nevada, Utah, Rhode Island, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, France, Italy and Switzerland...They can hardly believe how spirit guides them step by step.

Mind you, their traveling is not vacation. Their journey is about manifesting the New Three University purpose every day, going to the next level with spirit in every way personally and professionally, so you will typically find them on their laptops wherever they are in the world.

Building a University from scratch totally guided by Spirit! New Three University is beginning as workshop trainings with a spiritual wellness focus, and will become a physical institution to include traditional disciplines of Psychology, Business, Law, Medicine, and more.

Jason Nelson

  • He channels spiritual guidance every day and new information for the world.
  • God came to him on the night of his 25th Birthday and spoke loudly and clearly in his mind, giving him Universal lessons and prophecy.
  • An explosion in 2001 caused hyperacusis, a sensitivity to loud noise, taking Jason off of the path of music production and leaving him asking, "What's next?"


Melissa Lilly

  • She finds great importance in adhering to God's vision, words and direction.
  • As a teenager, her inner knowing told her that what was taught in religion about fearing God could not be true and that the true nature of God is unconditional love.
  • Her burning childhood questions were, "What is the point of life?" and "Why are we here?" They were finally answered when Melissa met Jason Nelson.


Interview Topics:

  • Mediumship, Miracles and Spirit
  • Self-Coaching, Love and Freedom
  • Intuition, Prophecy and Visions

Contact Us to Send Your Interview Request and include the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Type of Event
  • Event Date and Time, include the time zone
  • Event Title
  • Objective of the Event
  • Website for your Event or Organization
  • How you plan to market and advertise your event
  • Your email list size, if that is a place you promote and links to your social media
  • What you’d ask us to do for promotion


You will recieve our complete Media Kit once we confirm our interview with you!

help us grow new three university jason nelson
help us grow new three university melissa lilly

Public Speaking


Jason Nelson: Speaker on Soul-Based Living, Working with Spirit, Intuition and Personal Growth

Jason Nelson has spoken at Universities, Spiritual Centers, Expos, Festivals and Special Events that include sharing the stage with Alicia Silverstone.

We are happy to design a custom experience for your audience, including half-day workshops and longer retreats. Our keynote and working session topics include:

  • New Three University: Soul-Based Living Ignites World Peace
  • Voice Channeling: Receiving Miracles from Spirit
  • Five Accomplishments Coaching: The Life You Were Meant to Live
  • Psychic Retrieval: Access the Infinite Knowledge
  • Oneness of Source, Body and Soul

Contact Us to Send Your Speaker Request and include the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Location
  • Event Date and Time
  • Event Title
  • Objective of the Event
  • Website for your Event or Organization
  • How you plan to market and advertise your event
  • Email list size and links to your social media profiles
  • Speaker budget



Thank you for wanting to contribute to our University. We are in ongoing development to create our programs, books, and schools of study.

We work on expanding the University seven days a week. In less than three years we created three robust workshop training programs, traveled internationally with the trainings, and created New Three University, all while publishing books and running Jason's successful Spiritual Life Coaching practice and Melissa's spiritual marketing company, Heart Centered Media.

We are driven and determined to create God's work on the planet through New Three University!

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Join Us to Ignite World Peace!

Live from Your Soul and Activate Your Spiritual Abilities of Intuition, Spirit Communication, Healing and Manifesting.