Jason Nelson Offers: Private Spiritual Coaching, New Three University's Instructor
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Expanding Your Life Purpose, Healing and Relationships is My Passion!

In addition to developing and teaching you the New Three University trainings, I really enjoy setting time aside for you in private, one-on-one spiritual coaching and mentoring sessions.

The clients I attract are typically most interested in,

  • Discovering their soul's life purpose and taking big steps to share it with the world
  • Transitioning careers into more meaningful work
  • Manifesting loving and purposeful relationships

Much happens in every session with my intuitive, spirit-guided approach. I value the opportunity to work with people privately to accelerate and expand everything possible into alignment with the loving soul.

Contact me to schedule or speak further about how I can tailor our sessions to your needs.

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NEW THREE practitioners are certified to facilitate one-on-one sessions for clients, providing them with an alternative approach to personal, professional and spiritual growth. NEW THREE sessions include: Voice Channeling, Five Accomplishments Coaching and Psychic Retrieval.

This practitioner directory will be updated with our certified practitioners from all over the world over the next year. In the meantime, as we develop this directory, Co-founder Melissa Lilly provides NEW THREE sessions now, specifically Voice Channeling sessions. Five Accomplishments Coaching and Psychic Retrieval sessions will be offered starting July of 2018.

NEW THREE sessions are different than other modalities because they specifically guide you through techniques that empower you to: 1. Be your own medium for spiritual healing and guidance in Voice Channeling sessions; 2. Learn soul-based living and transform the mental and emotional imbalances allowing alignment with your soul’s loving nature in Five Accomplishments Coaching sessions; and 3. Be your own psychic intuitive for answers and insights in Psychic Retrieval sessions.

These sessions are guided experiences. They are not trainings. If you would like to be trained to facilitate NEW THREE techniques and sessions, then you must come to an in-person workshop or apply for private phone training. Please see the page for more information.

"Certified" means NEW THREE practitioners must fulfill important, ongoing requirements to support each client in the most successful, consistent, one-on-one session experience. Practitioners are only permitted to facilitate NEW THREE sessions if they are certified. If a practitioner or session is not listed on this website page, then the practitioner is not current with their certification requirements. This approach cultivates an enriching experience with NEW THREE practitioners.

Use discernment and due diligence when hiring a certified practitioner to fully understand the practitioner’s terms and policies, because they operate their own business. You may always share about the experience you have from a practitioner session with NEW THREE, however please communicate with the practitioner directly to understand and resolve any questions regarding their session policies.

Sessions are conducted internationally through Skype or by phone.

Session Description

VOICE CHANNELING® Receiving Miracles from Spirit®

It has been long thought that if you want advice or healing from spirit you must seek it from a medium, but now through a Voice Channeling® session you have the opportunity to be facilitated by a Certified Practitioner of Voice Channeling® to be your own medium. Connect directly to your higher power, deceased loved ones and spiritual guidance through the most informative and healing form of mediumship, which is Voice Channeling® where you are facilitated into an experience of having spirit come to you and communicate through you.

You may come with questions to ask your spiritual guidance or we'll create your questions together in your session.

Melissa Lilly Offers: Voice Channeling®
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Services Offered:

  • Voice Channeling®

Session Packages:

  • 1 one-hour session $247 USD
  • 3 one-hour sessions $597 USD
  • 10 one-hour sessions $1497 USD

Contact: Contact Us to let us know you'd like to do sessions with Melissa.

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Get to know Melissa. . .

As the Co-founder of New Three University, I'm passionate about supporting you to live your soul's purpose in every moment, because if you are not going to share your purpose with the world, then who else will? My intention is that in every session you receive the next best thing to support you on your purposeful journey.


If you would like to purchase a session package, but have questions, I'm happy to speak first with you. I look forward to hearing from you! - Melissa Lilly

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