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What Would You Like to TRANSFORM INTO LOVE?

Every day we are COACHING in some way . . . advising ourselves or other people.

It's called "positive encouragement," "seeing the brighter side" or "giving advice."

Reveal your soul's love. Move beyond despair and suffering to hope and spiritual connection.

What is challenging you? Bring it to the workshop and let's create the shift you've been praying for!

Imagine challenges you'd like to shift, and write them down.

Challenges with your

Get to the root and release limitations. The Five Accomplishments Coaching Technique grants you access to learned patterns so you can change them.
You will get clear on the biggest patterns holding you back and transform them.

You will probably take the biggest step forward in your personal growth by joining this program!

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I have learned to live from my soul. I was awakened -Angela, Nevada USA


Five Accomplishments is an exclusive coaching method channeled through Jason Nelson by spirit.

You are trained to coach yourself and coach others with techniques that enable you to shift any ego-based, dispassion or discomfort to the soul's passion, purpose and love . . . and all this happens in the first four-day training experience!

Using the Five Accomplishments Coaching techniques to coach yourself and clients, and receive coaching from others in our program, assures your success.

It was life changing and I know no matter where you come from, no matter your background, your experience, your struggles, it will bring things to the forefront that are needed to grow into soul-based living. Make this choice for your life and personal growth. -Lena-Jo, Nevada USA

Five Accomplishments Coaching accesses resistance that you are not even aware of, providing the doorway to the beliefs and feelings waiting to be shifted into alignment with your soul’s love and purpose. You will open up to your unlimited human potential, create an inseparable feeling of soul connection, and be forever changed.

I just got a treasure map to my soul! –Monica, Utah USA

Everyone has the ability to coach and heal, and this training allows it to be as effortless and transformative as possible.

You become a master spiritual coach for yourself and others by becoming a Certified Five Accomplishments Coach.

By certification, students receive business knowledge to set up their professional practice and personal guidance on how to continue refining their coaching ability. Heal yourself and heal others!


Five Accomplishments Coaching is a step-by-step process to get you grounded and aware of your life on the deepest level, so you can transform anything limiting you from living your soul's love and purpose. Soul-based living is the goal of every spiritual coaching session.

Your journey with this spiritual coaching process aligns you with your soul’s unlimited power to live from love and manifest from the inspiration of your life destiny.

Accomplishment One: Get Grounded
Become fully grounded and present.

Accomplishment Two: Get Real with Your Life
Significantly increase awareness of yourself and others.

Accomplishment Three: Get Real with Your Inner World
Transform limiting, ego-based perspectives.

Accomplishment Four: Get Real with God
Connect with your higher spiritual guidance.

Accomplishment Five: Initiation of the Soul
Become initiated into soul-based living.

the coaching helped me shift…


Every coaching session with the Five Accomplishments is intended to bring you closer to your soul's purpose and living a soul-based life.

I had no idea how living from an ego-based world could limit and cripple you. Coming from a soul-based world, I now can live in the moment. I believe and I love myself. -Kelli, Utah USA

This program was designed and channeled by Jason Nelson's higher spiritual guidance to help every student experience soul-based living. Sessions are designed to help you discover the next biggest thing holding you back.

Soul-Based Living is living from love with a true knowing of one’s life purpose. This universal spiritual life coaching approach works within every person's faith and spiritual belief of what God or Spirit is to them.

I discovered things I wasn’t conscious of that I could shift from an ego-based perspective to a soul-based perspective. It completely wipes out the feelings of what that ego-based perspective felt like. It's an experience of acceptance, unconditional love and absolute beauty. -Monica, Utah USA

Your instructor Jason Nelson has been using the Five Accomplishments for over 12 years . . .


new three university jason nelson

As a high-end Spiritual Life Coach, Jason knows how to accomplish a lot in one session by quickly getting to the root with the processes he receives from spirit. He's been training coaches for over a decade in his one-on-one private sessions. Now he brings this impactful process under spirit's guidance to you in this three-workshop certification training.

The wealth of information and experience Jason brings into the Five Accomplishments Coaching training empowers every student into their own growth with love and confidence. Truly we're all here to help each other and the only way to do it is together!

Jason's teaching style is grounded, practical and easy to understand.

Whenever I have sessions with Jason, he zeroes right in to what the underlying or root issue is, whether I am yet aware of it or not. His intuitive capacity is unparalleled, and his power as a healer to help one shift things is phenomenal. I often recommend him to close friends, family members and even patients in my psychotherapy practice. - Dr. Sara, California USA


Where Did the Five Accomplishments Come from?

Jason Nelson originally channeled the Five Accomplishments from God-The Source in his first book Age of the Soul published in 2006. The Five Accomplishments are also described in Jason’s second book, Empower Our Children. Both books teach facets of the Five Accomplishments and how to live a soul-based life.

I actually took myself through the process that I took the class through and had one of the biggest shifts of my life. It opened up a whole new feeling of magic and possibilities. I am excited to continue going through this program, channeling the trainings and teaching them. It is such a special group of individuals that are attracted to this soul-based experience. -Jason Nelson

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Shift everyday challenges with your

Could you use a shift and transformation into greater love and purpose?


It doesn't need to take years to create the shifts you want.


It can happen in a few minutes or hours with a Five Accomplishments Coaching session!

This is the training and support that I have been desperately needing for years now. I've gone to psychologists, therapists and coaches in the past. They helped to a degree, but no one really got me to a shift. By going through these few days, I've been able to understand myself and shift things on a deeper level. I feel a new lease on life. I feel lighter, brighter and happier. I am so grateful for this training, this opportunity to create a life of love and passion of my soul. -Melissa Lilly

Create a better life for yourself and others

My life is more in alignment now than it has ever been. I've never felt so happy, connected, and purposeful. - JoAllan, Colorado USA

Manifest your life purpose through healing and revealing it.
Heal blocks and limitations . . . even the ones you don't know about.

He has a profound ability to guide you into the depths of your suppressed emotions, find the root cause of them, and therefore create permanent, positive healings. I would recommend anybody hire Jason who is looking to deepen their spiritual understanding of "them-self" and heal their past! - Brad, Canada

Have a spiritual coaching specialty or niche!
You may want to be a Five Accomplishments:
  • Leadership Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Teen Coach
  • Parenting Coach
  • Success Coach
  • Abundance Coach
Enhance your current career as a coach, therapist, leader or practitioner.
Learn an effective step-by-step technique to live from the soul.

I have asked Jason Nelson several times to guest lecture for my doctoral-level classes in counseling psychology at Argosy, Antioch and Loyola Marymount Universities. When he has guest lectured, the power, healing and inspiration he has brought to early career psychologists has been astounding. I trust him implicitly to come into my classroom and teach techniques, because his are the best. He has taught many of my students how to deepen their clinical work with their patients, and how to heal others from a grounded place of knowing. -Dr. Sara, California USA


How Five Accomplishments Coaching Helped Me...


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The Five Accomplishments Coaching Program consists of three four-day trainings that are taken in sequential order. Depending on when a student joins the program, they could complete the three workshops and become certified within six to twelve months.

For students to truly master Five Accomplishments Coaching and accurately receive from their soul they need to complete the full certification training and continue practicing Five Accomplishments Coaching as part of their lifestyle.

Jason’s divinely communicated books are manuals for the training!


Five Accomplishments Coaching 1: Soul-Based Living

Learn the Five Accomplishments Coaching process, which includes many techniques and exercises, to create a deeper, grounded knowing of your soul and its purpose. The tools taught in this workshop enable you to shift ego-based situations to soul-based peace and freedom. The feeling you and your clients have after a session is liberating, filling you with the greatest feeling of hope and love.

• Create a much deeper self-awareness
• Know your soul so you may better know your life purpose
• Coach yourself and others in the program or have them coach you
• Identify the biggest areas of your life that are limiting passion and love
• Be unaffected by challenging people and situations
• Shift difficult situations quickly with simple exercises
• Learn the healing, energetic power of being grounded
• Learn a spiritual life coaching technique to remove hidden limitations
• Get every part of you in alignment with your soul's love and purpose

I had read books, attended seminars, made vision boards, created lists, received advice from experts . . . but nothing worked. Every session with Jason was a profound shift for me in becoming aware, connecting to my soul, and releasing beliefs that were not serving my intention. – JoAllan, Colorado USA

Five Accomplishments Coaching 2: Subconscious Healing

Students can officially start their professional coaching practice or simply continue advancing for their own benefit and transformation. The advanced coaching principles and techniques provide a way for everyone to have what they need to reveal and shift the most difficult situations and resistance. Accelerating your ability to manifest greater abundance, relationships, purpose and perfect health become the center point of this upper level soul-based training. Your spiritual coaching ability truly goes to an entirely new level.

• You are trained in everything you need to officially coach clients
• Use advanced coaching techniques to identify the most difficult resistance
• Accelerate the manifestation of abundance, relationships and purpose
• Create a lifestyle that supports your life purpose
• Learn intuitive observation and confidence

Five Accomplishments Coaching 3: Mastery and Program Certification

Final training, evaluation and certification dinner ceremony. You are a Certified Five Accomplishments Coach and are eligible for our client referral program. You have everything you need to launch your coaching business and take your personal growth anywhere you want. Coach yourself and anyone through anything. Learn processes that expand your ability and wisdom in key life areas and refine your coaching niche.

• Master spiritual coaching
• Clarify your coaching niche
• Build a professional practice and apply for the client referral program
• Have everything you need to continue developing yourself and as a spiritual coach
• Receive a Five Accomplishments Coaching Certification Certificate
• Coach yourself and others through anything


After taking our Five Accomplishments Coaching training, students are enrolled in the ongoing free support of our Five Accomplishments Coaching Group.

This includes:

• Practice Five Accomplishments Coaching with our international student base
• Private Facebook Group to share about Five Accomplishments Coaching experiences and ask questions
• Receiving any updates to the program materials as they become available


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