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Would your life be easier if you were in constant connection, easily able to access the infinite knowledge to see the best direction for yourself and others?


Revelations will come to you! What if you could see past lives and future prophecy with accuracy?
What if accessing the infinite knowledge about your life was easy. . . what would you want to know?
Imagine insights you would like to know, and write them down.
Insights about your

Access and explore all the topics on your heart and mind through incredible intuitive tools.

This training will transform your life and enable you to help others.

All information is available to you!

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Jason makes accessing intuitive information easy! -Melissa Lilly

Using your intuition more often helps you to know your best life direction in any moment!

Intuition is as natural as eating, sleeping, thinking or talking. You may not realize it, but you’ve been using your intuition your entire life, even communicating with your mother while in her womb. Throughout the day you are receiving intuitive “hits” and it is your natural way of experiencing life.


• Sensed someone and they call or you happen to see them
• Picked up on other people’s emotions and thoughts
• Had a thought or feeling to do something but didn’t follow it and later wished you did

Intuition is giving you messages all day, every day! It is your compass guiding you through life to help you fulfill your highest purpose.

By opening, trusting and using your full intuitive potential, you have clear vision to manifest the highest benefit for yourself and others!

You’ve likely wondered if the information and visions you receive are the result of your intuition or just your thoughts . . .

Many Professional Psychics are less than 50% accurate in their intuitive readings.

As a Certified Practitioner of Psychic Retrieval you will learn why and how to overcome these challenges through specific exercises and intuitive approaches that will increase your intuitive accuracy considerably, giving you the opportunity to be of the most accurate psychics in the world.

We teach students Psychic Retrieval techniques they can repeat for themselves and use with clients, along with how to read information without altering it in interpretation of the mind, creating the best opportunity for relaying accurate information.

You get to be your own psychic AND you can guide others into their own intuitive abilities!


Psychic Retrieval is focusing your four intuitive abilities on a point in time to retrieve information about a person, place or thing.

By opening and strengthening your full intuitive potential with our one-of-a-kind techniques, you will see a new world through your seeing (clairvoyance), feeling (clairsentience), hearing (clairaudience) and knowing (claircognizance).

A Psychic Retrieval session with yourself or another person is more than an Intuitive Reading or Psychic Reading. It is an understanding and perception of life in how your soul sees the world. You learn how to build a much bigger picture and understanding so you can have a daily tool that leaves no questions unanswered!


Thank you for sharing your incredibly powerful and clear process. I confidently know that everyone I refer to you will have success in connecting to their own source of pure guidance and wisdom. This has been a great gift in my life! -Toni, California USA

Prophecy is a largely misunderstood part of intuitive development, but it is one of the most important parts of Psychic Retrieval so a practitioner can use future vision to properly plan action steps to create the desired outcome. Through Intuitive Charting and Psychic Retrieval of information using ALL FOUR intuitive qualities, you have the greatest chance of getting the correct, accurate timing, place and circumstances to help you to understand the information you receive.

After taking this training, you will have everything you need to continue developing yourself as a master psychic, turn your training into a business to help others, and all with the support of the New Three University community who is just as interested in your success as you are!

Your instructor Jason Nelson has been teaching people Psychic Retrieval for over 14 years . . .


new three university jason nelson

Jason’s first memories were of sensing spaces and people with his intuition, often overwhelming him at times. A big challenge in the world today is children and adults are sensitive, picking up energies that are difficult to manage. When Jason started school, it was challenging for him to see the energy of the other kids, their thoughts and feelings, as well as their motivations. He felt different and because of it did not fit in very well to the norms of the world. He would learn to sense into other kid’s and adult’s energy fields to help him navigate through this beautiful and conditional world. His four intuitive qualities, and using them for Psychic Retrieval, became his greatest tool to understand the disharmony he experienced. Overcoming the challenges of being a ‘sensitive’ has deeply motivated him to help others manage their energies through these University trainings.

His mother had a strong, prophetic insight and would receive visions that helped her to guide Jason and keep him out of harm’s way, as many mothers do.

After Jason’s awakening to his greatest spiritual purpose as a Visionary Channel, spirit showed him how to open, strengthen and use Psychic Retrieval to help his clients and students access their own purpose and potential. Jason has provided Psychic Retrieval trainings to a wide variety of people and groups, from psychotherapy students at traditional universities as a guest speaker to his one-on-one and group certification trainings.


Jason’s teaching style is grounded and easy to understand, enabling students to have one foot in the spiritual and physical worlds. This balance guarantees the greatest success. His passion is to empower others to develop their inner compass to be able to see and know their way through life’s ups and downs. The Psychic Retrieval training provides the most direct, easy way to practically plug people in.

Spirit and Katherine Beck, Miracle Healer and Psychic Medium taught Jason how to develop his own intuition and train others. Spirit channeled instructions on intuitive development in Jason’s first book, Age of the Soul in 2006 (second edition published in 2013). This divine communication, combined with Katherine’s mentoring for seven years, has given Jason extensive knowledge on the topic.

I have worked with dozens of coaches and spiritual teachers over the years, and Jason is at the top of my list! He combines great Intuition and Presence with a polished and professional approach that delivers results in every session. I now model some of his techniques in my own coaching sessions so that I am more effective in my own practice. If you want to make great progress on your Inner Journey, too, then Jason will be a great choice. He is a magnificent coach! -Paul, California USA

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Access future insights to help you.

Could you use intuitive insights into your major life areas?

Psychic Retrieval gives you access to answers about the future and what to do with them.

  • Will I meet my soul mate?
  • What do I do to manifest more abundance?
  • Should I stay or leave my current relationship?
  • When do I change careers and to what?
  • How can I heal this?

Now I understand why his clients always rave about him . . . the information that he shares with you is intuitive, wise, and most importantly, ACCURATE. I left his presence feeling very uplifted and that a shift had taken place within me due to the insights he shared. I highly recommend him –Michael, California USA

Learn intuitive creation tools to change energy in a space (Space Clearing) and manifest goals.
Have a Psychic Retrieval specialty or niche!

You may want to be a . . .

  • Medical Intuitive
  • Aura Reader
  • Life Purpose Psychic
  • Relationship Psychic
  • Prophetic Psychic
  • Past Life Psychic
  • Career Psychic

Jason is amazing to work with. In just one session a permanent shift took place around a difficult area of my life that needed awareness and healing. I find him wise, kind and as interested in my spiritual progress as I am. –Susan, California USA

Enhance your current career with this training.
Facilitate Psychic Retrieval sessions for others to open their intuition.


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The Psychic Retrieval Program consists of three two-day trainings taken in sequential order. A student can complete the three workshops and become certified within sixteen months.

For students to truly master Psychic Retrieval and accurately perceive intuitively they need to complete the full certification training and continue practicing Psychic Retrieval as part of their lifestyle.

Jason's divinely communicated books are manuals for the training!


Psychic Retrieval 1: Become an Accurate Psychic

You will discover the many facets of your psychic abilities, along with understanding the difference between intuition, imagination, visions and dreams. By bringing sensitivity and awareness to how you are already using your intuition and how your physical senses directly relate to your intuitive senses, students will feel empowered in their own success throughout the workshop experience.

• Receive a technique to guide yourself and a partner into Psychic Retrieval
• Staying grounded and detached to not take on other people’s energy
• Become a self-aware, clear, confident psychic
• Read auras, sense energy, medical intuition
• Learn to use your four intuitive gifts with your four life areas of: Relationships, Life Purpose and Career, Health and Abundance
• Guide yourself and others into opening and strengthening each of the four intuitive qualities

Psychic Retrieval 2: Seeing the Future

This advanced training is focused on a very important aspect of intuition called prophecy, and the vital understanding that comes with seeing the future, to assure the greatest accuracy and confidence, as well as what to do with the information you receive. Students are taught a one-of-a-kind technique and philosophy called Intuitive Charting that accelerates a student’s understanding of themselves and their full intuitive potential. As a practitioner, students learn to create personalized intuitive charts for other people and how to interpret them.

• Interpret visions
• Foresee the future with intuitive prophecy
• Intuitive Charting for yourself and others
• Build confidence, trust and a deep understanding of your intuitive self

Psychic Retrieval 3: Mastery and Certification

You will learn how to create an intuitive lifestyle and mastery, giving you unlimited growth potential with your training. Final lessons are given to build the complete picture of Psychic Retrieval including space clearing, past lives, life contracts, in-between lives and manifestation. Evaluation and a certification ceremony are provided to assure your success as a psychic and practitioner, giving you a strong foundation to use your certification for personal and professional uses.

• Master Psychic Retrieval and facilitation
• Access past lives, life contracts and in between lives
• Manifesting future goals and changing energy in a space (space clearing)
• Build a professional practice and apply for the client referral program
• Receive a Practitioner of Psychic Retrieval Certification Certificate

PSYCHIC RETRIEVAL Membership Included!

After taking our Psychic Retrieval training, students are enrolled in the ongoing free support of our Psychic Retrieval Group.

This includes:

• Practice Psychic Retrieval with our international student base
• Private Facebook Group to share about Psychic Retrieval experiences and ask questions
• Receiving any updates to the program materials as they become available


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