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Imagine questions to ask, and write them down.

Nothing is too big or small for spirit. Some students come to the workshop experience with pages of questions and others create their questions that day. Spirit will have answers for you in the workshop!
Answers to your

. . . all knowledge . . . and you receive HEALING

This is what is waiting for you in this program!

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I don't worry about things anymore because I get what I need from spirit.
Instead of going to friends, I voice channel advice. -DC, Pennsylvania USA


In the whole world, this is the ONLY program that teaches you a proven technique to be your medium by Voice Channeling spirit and simultaneously, teaches you to be a practitioner so you may guide other people into Voice Channeling spirit for themselves . . . and this all happens in the first two-day training experience!

Becoming a practitioner and guiding other people into Voice Channeling is an empowering experience for all so that no one needs a middle person to connect with their spiritual guidance!

I felt very empowered through this whole process. - Christina, California USA

Become the best medium in the world! You can take your mediumship as far as you want to go. With this training you learn to embrace the unlimited potential of spirit and receive miracles. You will never be the same.

You master Voice Channeling for yourself and facilitation by becoming a Certified Practitioner of Voice Channeling.

Everyone has the innate ability for Voice Channeling spirit, but even most mediums are not aware of this ability. Practicing mediums and psychics often struggle to receive clear and consistent information from spirit and typically find they have hit a ceiling in their development.

We teach personal growth, alongside the technique, to nurture every student to receive the deepest spiritual healing and be the clearest medium in the world through Voice Channeling!


Voice Channeling is a process by which you receive spiritual healing as spirit speaks through your voice directly.

You may think of “spirit” as God, Source, Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels, Jesus, Higher Self, Soul, Deceased Loved Ones, Animal Guides, Energy, Light . . .or by whatever name you prefer to call on your spiritual guidance.

Other than Physical Spirit Materialization, Voice Channeling is the clearest form of mediumship because you move your consciousness back or to the side and allow spirit to speak through your voice as the spirit in real time, without delay or interpretation.

This is different from typical mediumship where the medium hears the spirit speak in their mind, interprets and then relays the message.

This is a safe and loving experience of spirit sharing your energy field.

Voice Channeling Spirit for me...


The intense feeling of love, support and connection that I felt was overwhelming, it brought me to tears. -Richard, Nevada USA

Voice Channeling is extremely healing physically, mentally and emotionally because of the high vibration of spirit sharing your aura and physical space.

Voice Channeling is like a Soul Massage. My soul inside feels beautiful and radiates. -DC, Pennsylvania USA

Your instructor Jason Nelson has been teaching Voice Channeling to people for over 14 years . . .


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"I have had 100% success training students Voice Channeling since 2002 . I go to spirit daily using Voice Channeling to receive answers and guidance for New Three University, creating the programs, my own health and with relationships. It really helps to keep a running list going, and when you start this process you think how you could have lived without spirit's succinct informative guidance and powerful healing. It makes everything so much easier and more abundant!

My mission is to be the clearest Voice Channeler for my books, program techniques and your workshop experience. This assures your success in our trainings together." -Jason, Voice Channeling Instructor

Jason has a humble, confident nature that takes people on a journey from anxiety and fear to exhilaration in the discovery of their own abilities. I look forward to blossoming spiritually under his tutelage. I write this through tears of joy and elation. It really is true, I will happily never be the same." -Simone, Nevada, USA


Spirit has told Jason, "Universal truths are the most basic ideas possible. Existence is infinitely elaborate. The blueprints for how to exist are infinitely simple."

Jason was taught spiritual healing and mediumship by world-class medium and miracle healer Katherine Beck, who mentored Jason for 7 years until she passed in 2008 at the age of 88. She continues to train and mentor him as spirit.

This full Certification Training Program was introduced in Las Vegas, Nevada USA in November 2013 and Las Vegas continues to be the central location for this program and University.

Since I was a little girl and heard about spirits I wished for this gift! I owe so much thanks to Jason Nelson for helping me find my place in life. For once I can actually say, "I LOVE MYSELF" and truly mean it, DEFINITELY take his classes if you want to be a medium, facilitator or for self-transformation! -Angela, Nevada USA

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Get answers to your everyday questions

Could You Use Guidance From a Higher Vintage Point? Your Guides See and Know Everything About You and the Highest Benefit for All!

Voice Channeling has helped in every aspect of my life. It's easier to connect with people. Family and work relationships have improved. - DC, Pennsylvania USA

Speak with your deceased loved ones and feel their comfort and love.

I Can See Him, Feel Him, Hear Him and Sometimes Even Smell Him.
My Dad's been gone since 2007. I never really got a chance to say goodbye. One evening Voice Channeling I could feel him and he said "Hi." He wanted me to know that he was happy. It's like having a phone conversation with him. His energy lives on and Voice Channeling is a very real, tangible way of communicating with him. -Sandy, Nevada USA

Like She Had Never Been Gone . . .
Using Voice Channeling, I brought through my godmother, who passed away when I was nine years old. It was a very powerful and transformative experience. Having her come through was like she had never been gone. She was able to give me clarity on many issues I am dealing with in my life and I am so thankful! -Amanda, California USA

After 29 Years I Felt My Mom Hugging Me!
My first Voice Channeling was with my mother. For the first time since I was twelve years old, I felt my mom hugging me. I felt her within me as she was communicating. She gave me beautiful messages. I physically felt massive amounts of healing on a cellular level and completely healed after Voice Channeling my mother, more than any other kind of energy work session. I knew I had experienced something that was 100% genuine and was in no way made-up. It was absolutely life changing! -Lena-Jo, Nevada USA

Heal physically, mentally and emotionally every time Voice Channeling!

Sandy received a miracle healing from spirit. She was in a serious car accident. When she came to the first Voice
Channeling workshop she was on twenty-one pain medications and using a walker 90% of the time.

I haven't touched that walker since I took the first Voice Channeling workshop. I don't take pain medications anymore, at all. Every time I go through the Voice Channeling process, whether I am guiding someone else or receiving guidance, it's shifting my body, it's making the pain reduce. Friends started asking me, 'What's different about you, you are glowing, you are happier!' -Sandy, Nevada USA

Uplift every area of your life with spirit's unconditional love.

Jason's method is of unconditional love only. There's nothing else. Nothing to fear. Voice Channeling has given me freedom, confidence, security, greater faith, more joy, inspiration to take bold actions to grow, and strength to help others attain deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. Try it for yourself. Not long ago, I was one of the world's biggest skeptics." -Kevin, Nevada USA

Channel a book, cooking, dancing, art . . .

Spirit is an expert and can save you an incredible amount of time.

Create a business around Voice Channeling,

both Voice Channeling for other people and facilitating someone Voice Channeling for themselves!

Have a Voice Channeling specialty or niche! You may want to do . . .
  • Deceased Loved One Voice Channeling
  • Stage Mediumship Voice Channeling
  • Medical and Health Voice Channeling
  • Akashic Record Voice Channeling
  • Past Life Voice Channeling
  • Business Voice Channeling
  • Singing Voice Channeling


Truly spirit can bring any type of information through you, no matter your particular field of interest.


I've helped people in deep physical, mental and emotional pain with the divine guidance of spirit. God puts people in my path and I am amazed!" -DC, Pennsylvania USA

A friend had been in a low spot emotionally and physically. I asked her if she would be open to Voice Channeling. After the experience, she was completely at peace and had clarity to move forward in her life. This was her first experience with Voice Channeling, and it made a night and day difference for her. -Monica, Utah USA


How Voice Channeling Has Helped Me

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The Voice Channeling Program consists of three two-day trainings that are taken in sequential order. Depending on when a student joins the program, they could complete the three workshops and become certified within six to twelve months.

For students to truly master Voice Channeling mediumship and accurately receive from spirit they need to complete the full certification training and continue Voice Channeling as part of their lifestyle.

Jason's divinely communicated books are manuals for the training!


Voice Channeling 1: Become an Accurate Medium

Everyone experiences Voice Channeling spirit in the first workshop. Students also learn how to increase their accuracy, consistency and confidence as a medium. Practitioner training begins so students can facilitate others into Voice Channeling outside of the workshop.

  • Voice Channeling spirit for healing and answers
  • Become a self-aware, clear, confident Voice Channeler
  • Meet spirit guides and deceased loved ones, and feel safe with spirit
  • Begin practitioner training and facilitate others into Voice Channeling

Voice Channeling 2: Oneness with Spirit

Students gain the understanding of their relationship with nonphysical guidance and focus on detailed, multi-being Voice Channeling sessions that are twenty and forty minutes of Voice Channeling. After Voice Channeling for forty minutes, students can truly channel anything for any duration, including a book. We also incorporate intuitive observation to deepen our sense of spirit and the information they are giving to us. Students explore their own discomforts around Voice Channeling to dissolve resistance as a medium and practitioner. An emphasis is also placed on being able to facilitate any type of client into their own Voice Channeling experience.

  • Receive reliable, consistent, practical advice from spirit
  • Voice Channeling for twenty and forty minutes to get detailed information
  • Receive spirit's healing and guidance beyond Voice Channeling sessions
  • Spirit oneness and soul-based observation through life challenges

Each time I take a class it's like going up an elevator. Each time is more clearing. I am living from my soul more than my ego. I have more freedom, happiness, peace, joy and confidence. The changes are noticeable to me and the people around me. The obstacles and resistance is shifting with each workshop. - Onya, Nevada USA

Voice Channeling 3: Spiritual Healing and Program Certification

Advanced mediumship skills are taught that includes learning to hold your own power line with spirit when Voice Channeling alone for yourself as well as confidently Voice Channeling for individuals and groups. We cover the basics of turning your certification into a business and make income from being a Certified Practitioner of Voice Channeling. The final day includes a special dinner and certification ceremony.

  • Master mediumship, spiritual healing and facilitation
  • Voice Channeling by yourself and for groups consistently
  • Build a professional practice and apply for the client referral program
  • Receive a Practitioner of Voice Channeling Certification Certificate
VOICE CHANNELING Membership Included!

After taking our Voice Channeling training, students are enrolled in the ongoing free support of our Voice Channeling Group.

This includes:

  • Practice Voice Channeling with our international student base
  • Private Facebook Group to share about Voice Channeling experiences and ask any questions
  • Receiving any updates to the program materials as they become available

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